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    1. Welcome: Linyi Qihong Biological Products Co.,Ltd
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      Customer Case

      Textile / printing and dyeing

      Product introduction

      I、 Product name

      Carboxymethyl cellulose, carboxymethyl starch (CMC, CMS)

      Ⅱ、 character

      Appearance, dissolution and solubility

      This product is white or yellowish flocculent powder. It is nontoxic, odorless, tasteless,

      soluble in water, and soluble in glycerine when a small amount of water exists. It has good

      compatibility and synergistic effect with other water-soluble adhesives, softeners and resins

      ★ Hygroscopicity

      The equilibrium water content of CMC increases with the increase of D S value and

      air humidity, and decreases with the increase of temperature. When the room temperature

      and equilibrium humidity are 80%-85%, the equilibrium water content is more than 26%

      ★ Filmo genicity

      CMC films with high viscosity and high

      molecular weight have high strength an


      flexibility. Some water-soluble resins are

      used as crosslinking agents, and the mixed

      solution of CMC is used to cast the film

      After further drying and plasticizing treatment

      the film can become an insoluble product

      Water insolubility can also be obtained b

      treating the dried CMC with aluminum salt

      Viscosity and rheology

      At the same D S value, the viscosity

      increases with the increase of concentration

      decreases with the increase of temperature,

      and rises after cooling. When the ph value of

      1% CMC aqueous solution is 6.0-9.0, the viscosity is the highest, and when the pH value is<6or>11.5

      the viscosity begins to decrease The viscosity of CMC solution decreased with the increase of shear

      rate due to its excellent pseudoplasticity




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